Although born and raised in Rowan County, North Carolina, Skip has had the privilege to see most of the world. After studying business in college, he quickly realized he was not cut out to sit behind a desk. He spent several years traveling with a vocal group as a sound engineer, which ultimately opened the door for him to go on tour with many well-known music artists and groups. 

In an effort to slow down and spend more time with my then girlfriend, Stephanie, he moved back to North Carolina. In 2010, he married Stephanie and found himself on the road working in the NASCAR industry. After two years of never-ending travel, he opted to hang up his travel kit and settle down.

Skip Erdman Events, LLC was spawned in part out of the experience of not having a videographer at his own wedding. He has produced several events since that time, parlaying a passion for video and sound into his daily job. Today, Skip and Stephanie are the parents to two girls, Layla and Larkin, who he recognizes as the light that shines on his world