Landowner relationship with first paired Hunter
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
By Hands of a Sportsman
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In early November landowner Randy Albertson & hunter Alan Brackett, Hands of a Sportsman's very first paired hunters, tried their luck a second year. Randy has devoted a lot of time, energy and money in creating food plots as well as building an awesome accessible box blind with a heater and a couch in it. Their first evening was more of a bird watch as there were hundreds of birds in the corn field. Late that evening they watched a bobcat wander out in search of a meal but no deer. On the morning of day 2 they hunted a bottle neck in the woods hoping to catch a buck cruising between bedding areas looking for hot does but they would still have to wait. That evening the two went back to the corn field for a short hunt because a large doe showed up just after they left the day before.  Around 5pm the big doe showed back up and Alan sealed the deal dropping her in her tracks. When they retrieved the doe they found out she was missing her right hind foot.

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