Hands of a Sportsman Fulfills Dream Hunt
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
By Hands of a Sportsman
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Hands of a Sportsman (HOAS) announced today, in partnership with Answering Prayers, that its first successful dream hunt was fulfilled. Robin King was recently given the opportunity to hunt elk at the Wilderness Hunting Ranch in Everett, Pa. Robin was able to close the deal on the first day of the incredible hunt. This was a huge dream of Robin’s and one that many, including his own birth doctor, never envisioned he would live to accomplish. “Robin represented an ideal candidate for Hands of a Sportsman to support in overcoming challenges and fulfilling his dream,” said HOAS Chairman David Hinceman. “We are pleased to help be a part of his success.”

Robin King was born on Nov. 23, 1962, with a severe case of spina bifida. This type of spina bifida is further up the spinal column and in his case was at the base of his skull. Born at only three pounds, Robin endured his first surgery at only 20 hours old. Defying all odds, Robin surpassed the doctor’s timeline of living past 7 years old. Nicknamed the “3 million dollar man,” Robin did not spend his birthday or celebrate Christmas at home until he was 11 years old, due to countless surgeries and sickness.

Despite being diagnosed with spina bifida, Robin never let that hold him back from his dreams. His love of the outdoors came from being raised around hunting. Robin’s first small game harvest took place at the age of 6. After that harvest he tried for years and always longed to harvest a big game animal. Flash forward to 2010 Robin was able to travel to the Helluva Hunt in Douglas, Wyo. to successfully harvest an antelope. Robin states his bad luck turned around by the simple number two. He harvested his antelope on the second trip out, second ranch of the hunt, second rifle used, second road they turned down, two horns, 200 yards at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. From that first big game harvest it set off a fire in his heart to continue hunting for mule deer and whitetail deer. Even though he was successful with those big game animals, he longed for the majestic, bugling, branching-antlered, red or grey coated elk.

At the end of August Robin was contacted by Answering Prayers about a dream elk hunt that he had submitted last spring. Much to his surprise they were calling to inform him that he had been selected. The hunt and lodging were provided. Robin only had to get to the ranch. That’s where Hands of a Sportsman came in. Hands of a Sportsman provided his meals, transportation to and from the ranch, and a videographer to capture this once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Future of Hunting TV’s Kevin Hoyt graciously agreed to tag along with Robin to capture every moment of his hunt. Robin states that just as soon as they got everything set up he heard the first bugle and was indeed successful on the first hunt of the day.

“At the time I pulled that trigger I am as close to healthy as I can possibly be.” Robin said, the harvest brought tears to his eyes. Now he is enjoying the rewards of having his freezer filled with elk meat and is so thankful of his opportunity to fulfill his dream. His hunt will be released and aired at a later date, please stay tuned.

Congratulations Robin on your well-deserved, successful hunt.

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