A self-described simple man, Lloyd is married to his best friend and soul mate, Hazel. Together they have two sons, Coty and Wesley, and four wonderful, happy and healthy grandchildren. 

Lloyd has spent more than three decades as a project manager and estimator for a commercial/industrial electrical contractor. During that time, he has played a role in transforming the Charlotte skyline to what you see today.

Lloyd has been consumed by the outdoors, hunting, and fishing since his early years. Born in an environment with very few rules in South Georgia’s black water swamps, from a young age he had little guidance on the outdoors, being forced to learn his passion on his own. Most folks in his family hunted and fished out of necessity more than for sport. In 1981, while in high school he was injured on the football field and ended up losing a kidney. Seventeen years later, he found out his remaining kidney was failing before undergoing a kidney transplant in 1999. Who was the donor of that kidney? His loving wife, Hazel. Through this miracle gift of life, Lloyd lives, works, hunts and plays without restrictions. Hunting these days is more about sharing time with family and friends for Lloyd, taking advantage of every opportunity to pass on his experiences and traditions. His favorite times in life are spent with family and reports his best times in life are spent at camp with his wife, children, and grandchildren.