My name is Kristin Kiger and I am married, with four beautiful girls. My Dad started taking me to the outdoors at a very early age, I'm not sure how old I was; but as far back as I can remember I was with him either on the water or in the woods. My Dad's Father, or any other member of my Dad's family did not take him to the outdoors. At the age of 19 however, he had his first experience hunting: with his good friend, Jim Willard. If it wasn't for Jim taking my Dad, I would not be an outdoorsman today and my kids would not have had the opportunities they've had thus far.

For all my times in the outdoors, I have carried a camera; so that I could record what I saw. In 2010, I joined a group that filmed and aired their hunts on TV called, "Pass'n it on Outdoors". Once I joined that team, and started filming other people as they chased the trophy they were after; seeing that pure emotion made me realize that I wanted to be a part of as many people's outdoor experience as possible. That same year, I was fortunate enough to be able to film a Disabled Hunt with: Pass'n it on Outdoors and Saw Tooth Oak Farms. I knew then, that being with someone in the outdoors, especially with someone that doesn't have, or couldn't have the same opportunities as myself, was something I wanted to do as much as possible. So when "Hands of a Sportsman" was created I jumped at the chance to be as involved as my life would possibly allow me.

Now, looking back to my Father's friend who took him hunting that first time, Jim Willard, not only did he change my Dad's life by taking him to the outdoors but he also changed my life, and my kid's life, and anyone that any of us takes with us. That, is what drives me with Hands of a Sportsman; knowing I can and will affect so many lives by giving my time to them.