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The mission of HOAS is to provide individuals with challenges seen or unseen which may be present as physical, emotional, financial, or circumstantial challenge the opportunity to participate and enjoy the sport of hunting.

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Top 5 things you learn from helping someone disabled enjoy the outdoors

Everybody loves to go outdoors and enjoy watching the sunset, playing a sport, hunting, taking a walk in the park, or just watching kids play. Have you ever thought about someone who could never get out of their home without assistance? It’s difficult for people with physical disability or cerebral palsy to come out of their home and enjoy life like everyone else. If you have someone at home or in your neighborhood, let’s volunteer by taking some time out for them. Let’s bring sunshine on their beautiful face. By volunteering, it’s you who will find a fulfilling life and make your community a better place.


When you volunteer to take a person with a disability outdoors, it is not easy. You must have patience with them. They cannot move freely like you. They have been immobile for a while, so have patience. Allow them to take their time to enjoy nature, watch children play in the park, and watch the birds fly. If they would like to play a game or go for hunting, encourage them to play or take them on a hunting expedition. Let them follow their passion and enjoy the time. You will find happiness watching them feel happy.

Hunting as a sport for disabled

Hunting is an exciting sport for the disabled as much as it is for everyone else. If they love hunting, there are communities and societies that organize hunting trips. The societies or communities have all-terrain wheelchairs or off-road wheelchairs that will make them feel comfortable and put them on ease while traveling through hunting trails. Hunting will make them forget about their shortcomings, and they will enjoy the time they spend with nature. Having a hunting binocular helps a lot in identifying the terrain and the animals.   You can check the best hunting binoculars under 500 here.  Let them take their time to shoot and feel the thrill. Don’t feel competitive about their kill. It will spoil the whole purpose of them being out in the open. Let them have fun, and you too enjoy the time with them.

Help them embrace technology

There are devices that assist the physically disabled with various outdoor activities. To pursue hunting as a sport, there are devices like gun stand, tree stands, wheelchair mounts, and trigger assists. Teaching them to embrace technology will be a boon for them in the hunting ground. There are even mobile apps that will help with GPS and give detailed information about hunting grounds. Besides hunting, if they are interested in other sports like birding, there are technologies that will make life easier for them. There are online bird guides and mobile apps to identify bird sounds. They will enjoy these different apps on their smartphone and can enjoy the activity they love.

Make them feel free

Don’t restrict them with rules. Let them feel free and embrace nature. They would love the wind in their hair and the smell of the flowers. Let them be themselves and enjoy the time they are spending outside. Be around to support them when required and let them make the most of the time they are outdoors.

Have a good conversation

When they are with you, they should not feel that you’re just volunteering. Be a friend. Have a good conversation. Discuss news, politics, sports they enjoy, about pursuing a hobby and so on. A good conversation will always go on to make a good friendship and a good sport will make them feel alive and free like everyone else.  

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