I was born June of 1955, in Stanly County, NC where I have lived my entire life. I can't remember when I started hunting, all I know is that for Christmas when I was 5 years old, my mother wanted me to have a wagon to help in the garden, my dad wanted me to have a shot gun and a rifle to help feed the large family of nine. So on Christmas morning, there was a wagon with a shotgun and a rifle in it!  That’s how it all started.  By the time I was eight, my squirrel and rabbit business had paid off to where I had added another gun and paid all my expenses and helped feed the family. I know that people today are not going to believe that I was able to carry my gun to school on the bus and hunt on my way walking home in the evenings, but that is the way my life was and how I was raised.

I don't claim to be a real big hunter, but guess you can say that I have hunted all my life. My hunting was important to me because when it came to girls and dating, I took them coon hunting.  I Married in 1976, still married to my first wife Judy and have two girls and blessed with two wonderful grandchildren, and yes my girls got guns for Christmas and my grandchildren also got their first gun for their first Christmas. I was very fortunate to have friends like Dale Earnhardt and work for Richard Petty for 30 years, I have traveled all over the world and been able to do things and meet so many wonderful people during my racing career. I was able to help Jackie Bushman in stating the Buckmasters. I have always worked with the North Carolina Wildlife with fishing and hunting clinics; they are a wonderful organization to partner with.  Now that I am old and ugly, the only hunting I do is squirrel hunting. But the good Lord has blessed me with a great piece of property.  Twenty five years ago I started hunting kids here on the property, it has been a blessing to meet so many kids that I have brought to turkey and deer hunt that would not have been able to harvest a deer or turkey, and as long as I am able, we will always have the kids youth day and fishing here on the Mock Farm.

I met David Hinceman five years ago, at the Sawtooth Farm Hunt, then met him again in the woods while he was preparing for an urban archery hunt and I was squirrel hunting, and the talks began and I started letting him bring kids to hunt on the farm. In my thoughts, this organization stands for what I believe in and what I have been doing for the last 25 years. I'm full on board with the Hands of A sportsman, because if we don’t put forth an effort to get kids outdoors and on the lakes, it’s going to be a lost art.

My motto has always been, "It's not what you have in life that people remember you by, it's what you leave behind."