David Hinceman is the founder of HOAS. He loves film, photography and spending every waking moment in the outdoors. It is through the inspiration of his family that he’s taken an active interest and followed his passion for the outdoors. Absent of a father figure in his hope growing up, he was exposed to the outdoors by his grandfather and uncles, who stepped in to provide the fatherly presence his own father never did.

It’s funny how small events that can seem so insignificant through out childhood, can later play important roles in your development as an adult. As a teenager he spent every opportunity relentlessly chasing whitetails.

As a husband and a father this passion for getting outside has only grown. Reaching out to those who are less fortunate and might not have the same positive influences early on has become his life’s worth. To pursue his passion for the outdoors and filming, David started an outdoor television show, "Pass'n it on Outdoors” in 2009. A year later he filmed at the Wheelin' Sportsman Hunting event. The hunt had an unforeseen positive impact on his life.

In April 2016 Hands of a Sportsman was formed, fulfilling a dream he had from that very first disabled hunt.